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Create python script for usage of internetarchive uploads
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Nov 23 2022, 16:37
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Yesterday I had to do the upload manually with python console due to it being necessary to use session proxy which can be set that way.

import internetarchive
item = internetarchive.get_item('miraheze-wikibackups22112022')
# set session proxy
item.session.proxies = { 'http': '', 'https': '' }
# metadata
md = {'title': 'miraheze-wikibackups22112022', 'mediatype': 'web', 'subject': 'miraheze;wikiteam', 'date': '2022-11-22'}
# upload
item.upload('/home/reception/wikibackups22112022_NODB141_.tar.gz', metadata=md)

Is exactly what I used for uploading, that we can turn into a script.

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This is now done.

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