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Redirect "Wikipedia:" namespace to zhwp
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Site: (database: theredpionnerwiki)

I'm looking for ways to redirect the "Wikipedia:" namespace to However, it seems that ManageWiki doesn't support this operation, so I'm here to seek help.

P.S. Is it possible for Miraheze to add a function that can let wiki owners to change the namespace redirect settings ( especially for external links )? I come up with the idea since it seems that the "Wikipedia:" namespace has been redirected to

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It isn't a namespace that can be redirected. We can add an interwiki link to Special:Interwiki that does this. Changing that is allowed only for interwiki administrators for security purposes. I have now done this in my capacity as a global interwiki administrator, not in my capacity as an SRE member. In the future you may request these changes on the community noticeboard over at Miraheze Meta. Thank you!