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Implement Search in TSPortal
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Search was an item added visually in the initial design but never implemented as it was unsure how to best do this. On consideration I'm thinking:

Searching a string will initially check whether a user account exists by that username. If it does, auto-redirect. If it does not, then search descriptions for reports, investigations and appeals in that order then auto redirect. If no results found, reload current page and just put a toast up for it.

To allow easy access to all items, we should also implement a fast track search as follows:
u:<text> searches for usernames only.
r:<id> redirects to the reports.
r:<text> searches reports only.
i:<id> redirects to the investigation.
i:<text> searches investigations only.
d:<id> redirects to the DPA.
d:<text> searches DPAs filed.
a:<id> redirects to the appeal.
a:<text> searches appeals only.