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Semantic namespace-support request
Closed, ResolvedPublic


...for place profiles (ID 3008) and Tovasala Corpus pages (3032), seeing that both could benefit by now. (Sequel to T9650.)

Also on this contributor's roadmap:

  • Semantic Result Formats (T9287#197079), pending feedback for a Miraheze-specific compatibility patch at GitHub
  • PdfBook, whose repair UO may soon look into (per T9755#197325)--but whose Unicode compatibility remains in doubt
  • Score, now on the long-term backburner unless demand/interest perks up; I might as well like it to come to my site in the next 1-2 months (T5863)
  • Renewing RegexFunctions after infrastructural/SRF and MW 1.39 compatibility issues have been sorted out; already disabled per T8866