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Change wiki database name, subdomain, and Project Page name
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Hi there! Can you please change the database name of my wiki from "parodylogoswiki" to "jlwwiki", the URL from "" to "", and make the suffix for Project Pages "JLW" instead of the full name of the wiki "Johnny's Logo Wiki". Thanks.

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Sickminecraft45 created this task.

Sorry, I meant prefix, not suffix!

Agent_Isai lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.
Agent_Isai added a subscriber: Universal_Omega.

Phabricator tasks very seldomly get an instant reply. Please wait. Due to the current circumstances, turnaround time may be of up to a day or so. Additionally, please do not assign random volunteers a task, they will claim it if they decide to do it.

Sickminecraft45 raised the priority of this task from Normal to Unbreak Now!.Sun, Jan 15, 12:51

It's been nearly 3 weeks! Please reply! Also, ignore the project page part as that's been sorted out over Discord.

OrangeStar lowered the priority of this task from Unbreak Now! to Normal.Sun, Jan 15, 13:15

I'm sorry for the delay. This is due to us switching to Swift and having to adapt our rename process to this.

I hope ASAP. @Universal_Omega will need to make some changes to the script before we're able to resume them.