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Full wiki reset and re-import for lhmnwiki
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As the title say.
This would be a new migration from

Check for dump files integrity before interact with them.

  • XML dump from Fandom
  • JSON dump for ManageWiki (may not needed)
  • Images dump manually grabbed by me

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PiscesKazeMGR created this task.
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I got the xml and may needed, ManageWiki dump.
But as long as I can't grab image files from the Fandom version, this task cannot be continued.

PiscesKazeMGR changed the task status from Stalled to Open.

After like, near a day, I finally can run the dump images commands and got my self the image dump.

Now we wait for the SRE to comeback, at least atm.

Going around for a bit, hope not to be annoying in some ways...

Just an FYI, for licensing reasons the XML must be the dump with full revisions, not only current revisions as your current one is.

Just an FYI, for licensing reasons the XML must be the dump with full revisions, not only current revisions as your current one is.

So here is the full dump.

Would you like current images to be kept in tact, or the whole thing reset?

PiscesKazeMGR signed these changes with MFA.EditedDec 30 2022, 09:51

Whole thing.

But as the Wiki just enabled SMW recently, I suggest you run maintenance scripts to make sure it operates properly, if it was necessary.

And now still waiting for my task to be done...

Alr 💀
This version is just an mid-2023 goals anyway-

I just wonder if we can make this done before the Lunar New Year 🤔

Reception123 claimed this task.

Wiki recreated from scratch. Please use Special:RequestImportDump to request the importing of the Fandom XML.

Hold up. Some issues here:

  1. While going to main page, I encountered this, might be an exception error:
MediaWiki internal error.

Original exception: [2592773a03123a2775cc8f45] 2023-01-19 16:15:10: Fatal exception of type "MediaWiki\Storage\NameTableAccessException"

Exception caught inside exception handler.

Set $wgShowExceptionDetails = true; at the bottom of LocalSettings.php to show detailed debugging information
  1. Resetting the wiki means to also erase all of these old states articles before this migration in my side,
  2. Do u also forgot the custom domain ( Nevermind, the domain is applied. Weird...

Oh and not to mention: I already put my images dump in somewhere these comments are...

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MediaWiki\Storage\NameTableStore::getName falling back to primary select from content_models with id 1

Might require a clean reset I guess-

The reset is not actually clean, as there are still some old settings and customized MediaWiki pages too...

And when I click for random articles, welp, it yet found one of the old post that I might certain that it was not cleaned properly...

It has been fixed by @Universal_Omega

Everything has been reset, there is almost no chance that something has not been "cleaned" properly. It would likely be from the XML that you requested to be imported.