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Request for email change for RecapTimeSquad
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Request info

We're requesting an email change for Miraheze account RecapTimeSquad because the email address linked to no longer works (in this case, the domain of that address no longer exist) to proceed with the password reset.

Account Proofs

While committed identity isn't set up yet for that account, the Miraheze account is created and managed by Ajhalili2006 (diff) for purposes of doing administration chores at recaptimewiki.

Additional Links

Event Timeline

Maybe I forget to add the TS team as subscribers, although the SRE crew will handle the rest.

RhinosF1 subscribed.

Passing to MW team to carry out the email change.

Please set the email on @RecapTimeSquad to @Ajhalili2006 assuming the email is confirmed and hasn't been recently changed.

Discussed on discord. Untagging T&S as I don't see any concern about proof of ownership.

RhinosF1 triaged this task as Normal priority.Dec 30 2022, 16:54
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I successfully accessed the password reset mail from another mailbox (because I forgot I configured a mail filter in Yandex.Mail that nukes out email receiving to a all catcher address, in this case,, to trash). I’ll mark this as resolved and apologize for this.