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Web Application suggestion
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Miraheze wiki (
Extension name:PWA (Progressive web application)
MW Page:
Live demo:

This extension is beta, but I'm in for making an easy web-app, without coding or fork source code.

For a live demo, scroll down to the end of the Main Page and find the app's installation link.

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PiscesKazeMGR changed the task status from Open to Stalled.

But wait...
Let's hold the task until someone do T10204.

Nvm, let's see how this would going.

Could you please provide a reason for why your wiki needs this besides "to make it fireeeeeee"?

To be serious, I d'like to make our wiki's app, based on Wikipedia's source code, but with my coding and formating skill at the moment, I might just go with an web app. And I found this extension.

Reception123 lowered the priority of this task from Normal to Low.Wed, Jan 11, 19:13

Since this seems to be quite complex and not something that can be done just by adding an extension, I will downgrade it to low priority as something that can be considered but is more long term