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Further semantic/page auto-creation NS support requested
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...all as I finally get the Adanson Jukebox (an adjunct to my forthcoming Unspooled book series) going after a year and a half's delay. (Happy New Year, Miraheze team!)

Also on this contributor's roadmap:

  • Semantic Result Formats (T9287#197079), pending feedback for a Miraheze-specific compatibility patch at GitHub
  • PdfBook, whose repair UO may soon look into (per T9755#197325)--but whose Unicode compatibility remains in doubt
  • Score, now on the long-term backburner unless demand/interest perks up; I might as well like it to come to my site in the next 1-2 months (T5863). (On hold till after--and only after--Miraheze moves to MW 1.39.)
  • Renewing RegexFunctions after infrastructural/SRF issues have been sorted out; already disabled per T8866

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OrangeStar triaged this task as Normal priority.Jan 8 2023, 18:33

I don't know how the SMW change can be done. I suppose $smwg­Namespaces­With­Semantic­Links needs to be modified, but that is already defined at SemanticMediaWiki.php, which doesn't support the system used at LocalSettings.php for only targeting specific wikis, and making the change requested here globally is likely to cause disruption.

I have submitted a PR with the AutoCreatePage changes (, but I'm leaving the SMW changes for someone else.

The AutoCreatePage changes can be done through Special:ManageWiki/namespaces, so you should do those yourself on-wiki.

Turns out you can, I just had to scroll down a little, sorry. PR:

AutoCreatePage changes merged. Unsure what needs to be done for the SMW changes.

@Reception123 The PR you merged was the SMW changes, adding the namespaces specified in this task to smwgNamespacesWithSemanticLinks. The first PR in this task ( attempted to implement the ACP changes, but I closed that one after UniversalOmega explained that it can already be done through ManageWiki.