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Request for OAuth consumer approval 5387d3069d87ce219e7e9d8cd65300ae
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Hi. I am the owner of

I registered an OAuth consumer (5387d3069d87ce219e7e9d8cd65300ae) a few days ago, and now it's done and ready to be deployed.

This OAuth consumer will be used only in 100acgwiki.

It will ask user's consent, and by approval get the user's email address. Having the confirmed email address, it could determine whether the user is a company member(if the email address is in certain domains), and automatically change the user to member group, saving lot of manual works.

If the user's email address doesn't match the domains, it will give a prompt and do nothing.

I have tested the code by myself using my own account. It should work fine with others too.

The code is stored in GitHub and set private. If anyone wants to review it, please give me your GitHub account so that I could invite you as a collaborator of this repo.

Thank you.