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Adding more links to the Admin link page
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I would like to request the ability to add more links to the admin links Special page such as:

  • The Administration links instead of having them on the sidebar
  • Other Special namespace links (that are often used, for instance, instead of a huge list of links that may never be used)
  • MediaWiki links (skin Css and Js pages, for instance)

And other necessary links an Admin may often use

On the Discord server, something about hooks was mentioned...?

Thank you!

Miraheze wiki URL:

Event Timeline

As explained on Discord, we can add links to it, but you'd have to provide an exact list of links to add, we can't make it able to be done from your side we'd have to do it in our configuration directly.

Oh! I apologize. I didn't understand that. Alright, I will get back with a list...

  • I don't know where it is, but I know there's a Create a New Page link somewhere...? I think...
  • The Administration links instead of having them on the sidebar

I believe that is it. Thank you for your consideration.


  • Special:TimeMachine
  • Special:ArticlesHome
  • Special:EditWatchlist
  • Special:GlobalPreferences
  • Special:UploadFile
  • Draft:Portal
  • MediaWiki:Common.js


  • MediaWiki:Cosmos.js
  • MediaWiki:Cosmos.css


  • Special:BlockUser

Browse and search:

  • Special:UnusedFiles