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Any edits are not possible in wikitriviawiki
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I tried to reactivate the wikitriviawiki ( which was closed. However, when I try to edit, "Fatal Exception" occurs on all pages and I cannot move to the edit screen. It was the same when trying to create a new page.

I tried to edit again after removing some extensions, guessing it might be a MediaWiki update bug, but again I was unable to edit due to a "Fatal Exception". Below is the error message when trying to edit the main page.

[15c46e0cd967edb9fca28dbd] 2023-01-24 02:47:42: Fatal exception of type 'Wikimedia\Rdbms\DBQueryError'

I would like to know what caused the "Fatal Exception" so that I can edit it again. Thank you.

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Issue with templatelinks migration, now fixed.

I tried editing on this wiki and confirmed that it works fine. Thank you for your support.