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Kartographer calls wrong tile server
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I'm attempting to install Kartographer on my wiki, and the maps are showing up as blank. I think I understand the problem: the maps are attempting to use tiles with URLs of the following format: But that link, at least for me, is broken. I found working versions of the same tiles at this URL format: So simply removing "osm-intl/" from the URL the extension is attempting to call should make it work, unless there's something else going on that I'm not aware of.

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BrandonWM triaged this task as Normal priority.Feb 25 2023, 02:24

@Reschultzed Hi,

Is this a request for bluepageswiki on Miraheze, or an external wiki not affiliated with Miraheze?

Hi @BrandonWM , it's a request for bluepageswiki, but I imagine it affects other Miraheze wikis as well.

Yes, a LocalSettings.php change will need to be implemented.

PR link:

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