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Wiki deleted - final export available?
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Hi there,

I was an admin/bureaucrat at the tearsofthemis wiki which was affected by the db141 failure. As a result of the db failure, we moved to a new host, and after our wiki was restored, it fell to an inactive state and has been deleted from miraheze.

This process happened quite a bit more quickly than we expected considering the stated dormancy policy of 180 days, and I was hoping a backup or final export might be available so I can copy over some edits I had done in the time between our export from miraheze (the August backup) and the db failure in November.

(To clarify, I'm not asking for the wiki to be restored to miraheze -- this would be detrimental to our attempt to get search engines pointed to the right place! -- just for some final XML dump to be sent to myself or the wiki creator if it's available.)

My status with the wiki can be verified by wiki creator Elaeagnifolia if needed.

Thanks for your time!

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@Harmonea Hi, was the wiki ever restored on Miraheze itself?

It was, yes. We didn't do any edits on miraheze after the db failure, so whatever final restore was used (the one recovered from the disks the second go-round, which were merged in after initial restore) would be wonderful to get from you.

@Harmonea Since we no longer have records of the wiki would you mind confirming whether the wiki was public and therefore it would be fine for me to share it publicly via a link?

Pardon the delay, email notif didn't fire this time. Yes the wiki was public and a public link would be perfectly fine!

Really appreciate your help on this.