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Removal of access for Universal Omega
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Fri, Mar 17, 08:03
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I request immediate revocation of all access. I will likely later be resigning from all community and will likely be requesting my account be locked due to recent events and actions by @John, I do not have faith in Miraheze or the trust of anyone in it.

Prior to this I would have devoted years longer, but all the work I've put in has gone to nothing. So I hearby resign, effective immediately.

  • shell
  • icinga
  • ldap (kept account for mail access, removed from SRE groups)
  • on wiki rights
  • staffwiki (retained for board)
  • irc
  • phab admin
  • GitHub
  • phab projects/badges
  • hund
  • ovh/1&1 (ovh done)
  • proxmox
  • twitter
  • facebook

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Bukkit triaged this task as Normal priority.Fri, Mar 17, 11:08

Task on hold right now, don't think we want to make any rash decisions. If Universal Omega confirms the request to resign, it can be processed. But other users have said they will resign and then changed their mind so nothing should be done that will need to be undone later.

My resignation still sticks for now, while I will stay around in some respect, I don't feel I can stay on as SRE just because John left. That isn't right, and as John said, it isn't right to just try and "power back in". So for now, I send my regards to SRE, and hope to eventually return. I'm very sorry for everything that has happened. But for now I am going to focus on the community. I don't regret this resignation after the events, it was not rash and I stick by the decision, which I did, even through the events, carefully considered it before making this task. A lot of regretful events have played out, and I hope trust and collaboration amongst volunteers can be restored. But in my time away from SRE, until I may eventually return, I would like to work on rebuilding trust amongst volunteers and the community, and try and help build a bridge of trust and transparency between what remains of SRE and the Community. And I feel I can better work towards that goal if I was officially still a part of SRE, however because of recent events, I don't believe I can stay at SRE for now, and that bridge of trust needs to be reestablished before I would return.

I am fine to stall this task for another couple of days, and if things change, I guess I would stay and not resign, and still try to rebuild that trust. But for now with recent events, I am not sure if things would change or not, as much as I hope they do, and them needing too.

So I offer my own apology to both SRE and the Community for how things have played out, and some regretful events that have quickly unfolded these last few hours.

BrandonWM changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Fri, Mar 17, 17:42
Void changed the task status from Stalled to Open.Fri, Mar 17, 18:21
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This has been done, though I will be waiting for us to resolve the matter of group contacts before doing anything with IRC.

MacFan4000 added a subscriber: MacFan4000.

I’m now realizing that UO had/has access to Twitter and Facebook