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Bugs about fastdeleting pages
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Jun 14 2023, 10:46
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Jun 26 2023, 12:53
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Jun 14 2023, 18:49
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Jun 14 2023, 10:46


It is a bug about fastdeleting ,when I trying to delete pages, the pages shows me that there was a problem on “Wikimedia\Rdbms\DBQueryError”,.this bug makes me hard to delete pages.

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{F2123267}the images about bugs

AmandaCath triaged this task as Normal priority.Jun 14 2023, 17:15
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@Naggieka what do you mean by "fastdeleting" pages?

Maybe there is a problem with my statement, I mean I can't delete my page.

I'm an administrator, but I can't delete my own wiki article, every time I delete it, I will jump out of this page.

Thank you for the clarification. Definitely some sort of bug/glitch in the software.

Can you please copy the full error message to this task? It should include a string of random letters and numbers which are needed to lookup the cause of the error.

So is it now ready?{F2125511},when I trying to deletebpages it is still like this.

[7b0acdd4a02b1d2c8750e711] 2023-06-26 13:27:31: 类型“Wikimedia\Rdbms\DBQueryError”的致命异常

@Naggieka what do you mean by "fastdeleting" pages?

It's a script built by another user. Normal delete is throwing a DBQueryError so method is unlikely related.

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