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SSL for custom domain:
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Hi, you have not pointed your domain to Miraheze. Please see for how to do that.

Hi, as far as I can tell on my end it is pointed correctly, a view of how it's setup can be seen here:
Please let me know if there are any issues on how I have it setup, cheers!

you’ve set a CNAME for and pointed the name servers of However, you requested that we use the root domain. Please either see for how to properly set the Nameservers, or to do a CNAME correctly, for the root domain you would need to use an ALIAS record instead.

Hi, I've updated my namecheap config to point correctly to the two nameservers (, The miraheze custom domains guide states that either you can point the nameservers OR point a subdomain, in this case I'm just going to point the nameservers.

You can see how it's setup here:

Thanks for your patience, I'm new to this and I'm learning in the process, so it's much appreciated. Once again, please let me know if there's an issue. Cheers!

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