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Request for pc protection enable on Infopedia
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Aug 19 2023, 11:16
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Aug 22 2023, 12:03
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Aug 22 2023, 12:01
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Aug 22 2023, 12:01
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Aug 22 2023, 10:01
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Aug 22 2023, 10:01
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Aug 22 2023, 10:01
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Aug 22 2023, 10:01


Hello, everyone! Can you enable Pending Changes Protection on Infopedia I try to enable pc protection but it's is not enabled, please help me!

And The flagrevs is already enabled on Infopedia ;but it's flag protection not showing in protection page.

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I really upset for about that 😭

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Please be patient, we are very understaffed, so response times will be slow.

Anyone please help me 🥺🥺😭

@Ugochimobi, I saying Pending change protection, please see this -:

And also see please these pics that i captured from other wiki -:

Screenshot_20230822_152434.jpg (818×591 px, 67 KB)

Screenshot_20230822_152453.jpg (1×594 px, 138 KB)

Screenshot_20230822_152911.jpg (55×419 px, 6 KB)

Screenshot_20230822_152928.jpg (442×549 px, 41 KB)

If I hope you fixed this probelm from Infopedia's Manage wiki 'extension and additional setting ;thank a lot for helping me.

I'm not exactly clear on what you need.

My wiki needs pending change protection (flagrevision), stability protection. When a page have protected from pebding protection then admin configure this protection to prevent from vandalism
[Auto accept require:autoconformed ]
[Auto accept require:Sysop]
[[Auto accept require:reviewer ]
I uploaded these pics captured from Wikipedia
Please see -:

Screenshot_20230822_172634.jpg (480×592 px, 34 KB)

Screenshot_20230822_172535.jpg (1×720 px, 145 KB)

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You need to be enable FlaggedRevisions from Special:ManageWiki/extensions.