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Can You Add "UserMerge, MultiPurge, Moderation, QuestyCaptcha, PageImages, MultimediaViewer, GTag" To My Wiki?
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We don't support UserMerge I think due to compatibility issues with CentralAuth. For security reasons we cannot change the captcha. Moderation, PageImages and MultimediaViewer are all available via The remaining two will need a security review - unfortunately these are delayed indefinitely due to us not currently having any security reviewers.

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GTag is for google analytics and is therefore declined due to privacy concerns. If you need more analytics information than is available from Special:Analytics, you can always ask, and we'll see what we can provide.

I'm going to decline MultiPurge because that appears to be an extension that would be of more use for sysadmins than wiki admins. Additionally, I don't believe we have a valid use case for that extension based on our setup. Feel free to reopen this task if you have a use case you'd want us to explore.

It is Alright Never Knew MultiPurge is Used For sysadmins rather than wiki admins (weird)