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Configuration change - VisualEditor - restrict to talk pages only
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As per [[ATT:Topic:Xjwoerfb0fspdqck|this discussion]], All The Tropes requests an update to our $wgVisualEditorAvailableNamespaces file to disable VisualEditor on content pages but leave it enabled on Talk pages.

[ the man page for VisualEditor] indicates that this can be done at the namespace level. Talk , All The Tropes talk , Blog talk , Campaign talk , Category talk , Featured Page talk , File talk , Forum talk , Gadget talk , Gadget definition talk , Help talk , MediaWiki talk , Module talk , Poll talk , Reviews talk , Template talk , TimedText talk , Topic talk , Translations talk , Trope Workshop talk , User profile talk , User talk , UserWiki talk , and Widget talk should all be set to "true". All other namespaces should be set to "false".

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This can be accomplished via if you go into a namespace, it and the talk each have a toggle for this setting.