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SSL for custom domain:
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Description <You should have your subdomain. Please list that here, so we can know what URL you currently have. If your wiki is not created yet, you can make a task first and click "Edit Task" to change it later.> <Replace this with your desired wiki domain.>

Yes: <Yes/No, if No, we will provide you a CSR which you will send it over to CA to get a certificate. You will likely get a certificate in a zip file: Just upload all the files you're given by them.>

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Hello, I wonder if anyone saw my request :/

Miraheze is suffering from a severe shortage of volunteers so things take longer than usual to get processed. Someone will get to this in a few weeks.

I get it, this has to be resolved somehow. I'm waiting.

MacFan4000 claimed this task.

Unfortunately nothing has been resolved yet, I'm waiting.