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Sep 27 2023, 16:12
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Oct 3 2023, 18:58
Sep 28 2023, 19:52
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Sep 27 2023, 16:12
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Sep 27 2023, 16:12
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Sep 27 2023, 16:12


A recent import to (database bloxelwiki) appears to have been somewhat incomplete. This is, in part, on our end as a result of miscommunications resulting in further edits after the import had been requested (oops!), but also entire pages appear to have been weirdly blanked or even outright missing. Lists can be found below:

Pages Blanked:

  • BSAS (manually restored)
  • History
  • History of Developers
  • I_forgorToday
  • Lava
  • Mrblueflu
  • New Vegas
  • P00PM0N5T4 (became redirect to Jens in latest dump)
  • PreAlpha4
  • R_Plexian
  • Trucelle (became redirect to Trucy in latest dump)

Pages Missing:

  • Bloxel Wiki:Wiki Rules
  • BunnyNabbit
  • Forks of Bloxel
  • HBA
  • Hypercania
  • Kyntarish (became redirect to Monotrysia in latest dump)
  • Management of Bloxel

Provided is the latest dump from September 19th, 2023; no edits have been made since this dump was taken. If possible, I'd like to request that all name-shared pages be overwritten by the new dump, since the old dump is... well, old, and I'd like to bring over the edits that have been made since.

While I'm not sure about the total absence of some pages, the page-blanking issue appears to be directly related to the latest revisions; while these are displayed as legitimate edits on Fandom, once imported, they instead turn to complete blank-commits. Shown is the same commit to page BSAS in Fandom's log versus the imported Miraheze logs:

image.png (43×921 px, 12 KB)
image.png (26×743 px, 15 KB)

And, lastly, I'd like to also look into getting our images and our custom infoboxes imported. I'm not entirely sure how to go about exporting these, however; I understand the Moving a wiki to Miraheze page instructs to download images manually, but is there a particular structure that I should provide, and what about the infoboxes? Please advise.

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Redmin triaged this task as Normal priority.Sep 28 2023, 06:46
Redmin added a project: MediaWiki.

Hi, one of the files was not attached to this task. Please attach it.

Hi, one of the files was not attached to this task. Please attach it.

Sorry about that; I hadn't realized. Should be fixed now.

As long as the images are files (it doesn't matter on the structure).

Appreciate the import! Though, I'm noticing the same issue appears to have cropped up again with entirely-blanked pages; even new ones, this time, but the same issue where the latest revision seems to weirdly be "responsible."

Pages Blanked:

  • Book
  • Christ the Redeemer
  • Complex Voxel
  • Computer/Laptop
  • Forks of Bloxel
  • History of Developers (again)
  • Hypercania
  • Jv4 (moved/redirected to Kyntarish)
  • Kyntarish (moved/redirected to Monotrysia)
  • Lava (again)
  • Management of Bloxel
  • Mordia
  • Mrblueflu (again)
  • New Vegas (again)
  • R Plexian (again)
  • Trucelle (moved/redirected to Trucy) (again)
  • Trucelle_e / PeccNeck (moved/redirected to Trucelle) (again)
  • Trucy
  • Unknown

Pages Missing:

  • Bloxel Wiki:Wiki rules (something tells me this just isn't included in the export/import; we can make a new one ourselves later, it's not important)

Pages Outdated:

  • P00PM0N5T4 (moved/redirected to Jens; content is incorrectly duplicated on both pages)

I'm not sure what's going on here, but I'm hoping we can get this ironed out. Every other page seems to be up-to-date, and a couple have actually been tidied up a bit to resolve some filename conflicts (e.g. Origin.png was used for a screenshot which we've since moved to OriginFirst.png).

Speaking of images, I've compiled all the images we should need (including ones that would be present on these blanked pages) and compiled them into a .zip, attached below. Some files may be missing; they were either unused, or have already been manually uploaded. If we could get these imported as well, that'd be great.

Hello, owner of the original wiki from Fandom. Here is the FULL .XML data of the wiki that I believe only I can access. Please use this as it has ALL the data.

Hello, owner of the original wiki from Fandom.

Can attest to the identity, although I'm doubtful you'll find much of anything different between the dumps; all images were already downloaded in source quality (plus a few had to be renamed and uploaded manually due to MediaWiki conflicts), and while the new dump may have a few edits not present in the one I last provided, there shouldn't be enough to make a major impact. I'd still like to focus attention moreso on the blanked pages at this point and I recommend using my dump to avoid the aforementioned naming conflicts.

tl;dr: User is who they say they are, however please focus on the request and files I've provided as they should be marginally easier to work with.

If we could pick this ticket back up soon, that'd be great; from what I hear, I understand there might be somewhat of a staff shortage on the Miraheze team, so I get if it takes a bit longer.


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