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Wikimedia Commons files won't render
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Files from Wikimedia Commons don't show up, giving red broken file links instead.
Disabling and enabling setting again doesn't fix the issues.
Reported by several users on Discord, examples:

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MacFan4000 subscribed.

Purge the pages with ?action=purge. That fixed it for me.

I have the same problem. commons images don't load and it gives me a 504 error on pages with many images

KatozzKita reopened this task as Open.EditedFri, Nov 10, 06:36

this time is more persistent, as for now purge does nothing (in case of my wiki it actually does the opposite because of still having cache w/ normal images), more people reported this in discord in the last 12 hours.

I also have the same problem, including the 504 error on certain pages with many images

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@Paladox mentioned on Discord that a WMF SRE has fixed the issue for now but is still investigating.

Yesterday evening, @Paladox discovered connectivity issues from Miraheze's datacenter to Wikimedia's esams datacenter.

Wikimedia have mitigated the issue by making some routing changes while the fault gets fixed.

Could this task be closed as "Resolved" then? Due to recent vandalism on Phabricator, only members of the Trusted Contributors group (created on November 1) are now allowed to close tasks.

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