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Miraheze wiki

Original wiki URL (where the content comes from): temporary version available here
Which of the following is your import? (use 'X' in the empty box)

  1. Import from Wikipedia (or other similar site)
  2. Fork from other wiki (some users are staying at original wiki)
  3. Migration from other wiki (all or most users are moving to Miraheze)

I have requested the import of the xml dump would also like to import the uploads / images.
A zip of the image directory is available here: 908MB

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Event Timeline

I have separately requested the xml import, but not sure that worked. The xml dump is also available on the dropbox here, would be great if you could import both of these.
Database name rlabwiki
Full dump is here: 45MB

Is there any indication of how long this process takes, what is the queue length etc.

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The queue is visible here. We currently have a shortage of volunteers so it will be probably be a while till this gets done.

I can see that you have imported the History dump from the xml file, but not the images. the images that I loaded one by one have now disappeared. Are you in the process of loading these or has something gone wrong?
Thanks for your help

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The xml dump was handled on wiki. Reopen if you need that image dump imported. The image issues should be fixed, that was due to an outage of the servers that host the files.

Please could you import the image dump from above. I thought this was happening, and thank you for the xml import.

The images are available in the zip file