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Migrate database servers to SVZS
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db2 is currently on CVZ and db3 is currently on SVZS.

Most wikis are on db2 however this is now become an extremely big burden on performance, new wikis, logins and just general work. @Reception123 has been "interrogating" me on how we can (in theory) kill db2 in its current state and on evaluation it is in theory something we can do and is something we seriously SHOULD do.

I can evaluate and move suitable databases to db3 to lighten the load on a new db2 however realistically we need db2's current disk space to be <70G otherwise we're walking back into no space trap.

@labster needs to just acknowledge the plan. He has a budget at hand for this so quick estimates for him will be:

  • best case: -$9/mo ($30 -> $21) (adequate space)
  • worst case: +$12/mo ($30 -> 2*$21) (not enough space, more than 2 new 3G servers = 200G extra space)
  • best-worst case: -$2/mo ($30 -> $28) (not enough space, temporary space solution with a 4G server)

Depending on the above, if we go with the best case, ManageWiki becomes an urgent priority as we need dynamic server allocation for new wikis. If we go with best-worse case, it becomes a high priority as we need dynamic server allocation. If we go with worst case, ManageWiki is still necessary but we can use a database list to allocate wikis in separate cluster and can avoid manual definitions. @Southparkfan

I am going to start on evaluating and move things off db2 as fit to allow a better assessment of the situation for now.

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If we move the biggest 5 wikis on db2 (+piwik and maybe the 6th biggest one) to db3 and employ the best-worst case scenario then both servers will be using <80% disk space.

Using a best estimate this will then give us capacity of 500 more wikis assuming we don't delete any between now and the next 500.

As this is will decrease budget, I feel like it skips the necessity for any checks and really just needs someone who has some sanity to just check I'm not be stupid in what I'm saying here.

Well, if it decreases the budget then I really see no reason to say no. @John knows what hes doing so I "sanity check this"!

Moving 4 wikis to db3 from db3 which comes to a total of 10G. This pushes db2 to a ~71% threshold of the new planned plan and puts db3 to ~50% threshold of its current plan. This leaves us a total of 70G space free which allows a bare estimate of 1400 new wikis if we split them evenly among the two servers.

Wikis are:


db2->db3 for the wikis is done. RamNode are beginning a migration + change to the SVZS plan.

I think you should have 100TB/db server.

I think you should have 100TB/db server.