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Keeps on logging me out.
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With (and no problem with non-miraheze MW wikis). On different computers on different networks, with Google Chrome. I 'm doing copy-editing, mostly in multiple open tabs. It keeps logging me me out.

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Rob_Kam created this task.Apr 5 2017, 16:47
Reception123 closed this task as Invalid.Apr 5 2017, 16:49

This has been happening, but it can't currently be reproduced. Please try selecting "Keep me logged in". If this issue still happens try changing browser, if it still does please reopen the issue.

Rob_Kam added a comment.Apr 5 2017, 17:46

I logged in via IE 11 into modular, then I tried logging into scruffy2. I got "Incorrect password entered. Please try again." and the other tabs where I was logged into modular are logged out. I can login to them again but not scruffy2. I do select "Keep me logged in".

This is the 2nd wiki called modular, the first was renamed to scruffy2.

Rob_Kam reopened this task as Open.Apr 5 2017, 17:51
John closed this task as Invalid.Apr 7 2017, 17:28
John added a subscriber: John.

T613 all the same cause (upstream extensions that unifies login).