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Modular and ' instead of apostophe
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At Modular wiki's login page it has "Join Muff's Modules wiki" instead of "Join Muff's Modules wiki". Please can this be fixed.

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Rob_Kam created this object in space S1 Public.
Reception123 claimed this task.

I see no problem with the name but I have renamed it "Muff's Modules wiki"

It still has at the bottom of the page, below "Don't have an account?":
Join Muff's Modules wiki
Instead of Join Muff's Modules wiki

I tried to triage this task as normal priority and discovered that I do not have permission to. Why?

Reception123 triaged this task as Normal priority. is correct which means this is possible a software issue with MediaWiki and nothing we can change.

Unfortunately this is parsing with MediaWiki. You can open a ticket upstream with them at but there is nothing we can do here unfortunately.