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Install AccessControl on westmarcheswiki
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I'd like to request the installation of this extension on our site. I am aware of the message we are required to implement and I have done so on our rules page.

In conjunction with this, four groups need to be set up:

Contributor|Contributor, Player
GameMaster|GameMaster, Contributor, Player
Administrator|Administrator, GameMaster, Contributor, Player

I hope this is the correct way to ask for the installation of this extension. Please get back to me should I have gotten anything wrong or expressed myself poorly.

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I can handle the installation of the extension, but I am not familiar with the configuration of the user groups for that extension. I can do standard standard groups configuration, but not any special groups for any extension that are defined in a different place.

Amanda mentioned this in Unknown Object (Diffusion Commit).Apr 24 2017, 20:06
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NDKilla updated the task description. (Show Details)

Then please go ahead and install it with the standard groups and maybe I can manage the customization via Github on my own.

Thank you :)

There is no "installation". The extension is already installed, it just needs to be enabled. See

Copied from the Github pullrequest comment thread:

I was wrong; I have updated the Wiki so that the following statement is on the Main Page:

As we wish the ability to restrict not just editing and deleting of pages, but also the reading, an extension will have to be installed. Such an extension degrades the security of the page such that Miraheze (our service providers) can no longer take any responsibility for the protection of our content. This is notice that they will not, and cannot, be held responsible for any leak of content from this Wiki from the time of extension installation.

I think that Reception will handle it from here

done a few days ago