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Visual Editor saves blocked when they trigger a captcha?
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If I edit and add an external link, this triggers a captcha in the text editor. In VE, the captcha doesn't show up but the edit fails with an "unknown error". I have to know to switch to source editor to save [or abandon the edit].

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Amanda triaged this task as Normal priority.Apr 26 2017, 11:13
Amanda added a project: MediaWiki.
Amanda edited subscribers, added: John, NDKilla, Reception123 and 3 others; removed: Brynda1231.

Seems like a MediaWiki bug to me

@Marria Could you possibly upload a screenshot so we can reproduce the error?

@Amanda Again, Herald automatically adds subscribers so there's no need to add or remove them.

This is 100% an issue with VisualEditor. Can someone open a ticket upstream please. @Reception123

Actually one already exists - As such, since this fall fouls of usefulness here I'm going to close this issue.