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My '루비위키' wiki Terrorised by '좌만레'
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My '루비위키'( is Terrorised by '좌만레'. It terrorised Main Page and Mediawiki:Sitenotice of my wiki with Shock site things, and It blocked me. Please block and revert all edits of '좌만레' And unblock me(My accounts are '엔티시드노엔', '루비위키'.) And Please remove the 'bureaucrat' authoruty for all administrators except me.

And '좌만레' Seems to be Sock puppet of '난도', Previously terrorized my '루비위키', Because behavior patterns are similar.

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Reverted the edits and nuked, unblocked your 엔티시드노엔 under the permission of CVT. Other request is beyond my permission.

Amanda removed Reception123 as the assignee of this task.EditedApr 28 2017, 11:12
Amanda triaged this task as High priority.
Amanda added subscribers: Reception123, Amanda.

This is high priority as an attempted usurp of a wiki. Also, please do not assign users to tasks unless they have been actively involved.

revi lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.Apr 28 2017, 14:08

Not urgent enough.

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I've removed all rights from all bureaucrats except the two listed.