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For the site , which was imported from a database dump, we have identified all the username renames that are required to avoid clashes on Miraheze, or on Wikimedia, and also potential clashes on github.

The following users with visible edits need username changes:

  • Andrew -> AndrewSihombing
  • Cahyo Ramadhani -> Cahyo
  • Chris Woodrich -> Crisco_1492
  • Iskandar -> Kumincir
  • Mana-chan -> Rachmat-bot
  • Nurleni -> Nleni1976
  • Rinto -> Rintojiang
  • Yusuf -> Yusuf_rinoarso

The following accounts do not have any contributions, but do have a userpage created by Rachmat04. If it is easy enough, renaming the user account would be useful, otherwise we'll rename the userpage.

  • Adefadli -> timpakul
  • Isabella -> 26Isabella
  • Ivan Lanin -> IvanLanin

Also, I believe there is a user Rachmat, with one lonely edit. It would be lovely if that edit could be re-attributed to Rachmat04, to reduce the number of odd accounts we need to track and re-check across the group of wikis being migrated.

Finally, bp wiki is showing a dormant message. I have made two edits, and it is still showing. Not sure if I should be worried.

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Jayvdb created this task.May 20 2017, 04:09
Jayvdb added a comment.May 20 2017, 04:10

Oh, and after Rachmat04 created a Miraheze account, all his contributions disappeared from . Is there an additional step required to claim the contributions?

@John as he has taken care of bpwiki migration

@Jayvdb For the dormant message, you can remove it by blanking "MediaWiki:Sitenotice". If you need an exemption from the policy please tell me and I will add it.

John claimed this task.May 20 2017, 05:33
John triaged this task as Normal priority.
John added a project: MediaWiki.

I'll handke this tomorrow (Sunday UTC) as I'm leaving in an hour and will be out of area until tomorrow afternoon.

@Reception123 yes please for exemption. Thought I added it already tbh

John added a comment.May 21 2017, 16:45

I'll create accounts for where I need to do work on with the emails provided.

I'll reassign edits and hopefully this should then be resolved.

John closed this task as Resolved.May 21 2017, 17:32

I've done all the work regarding edits and accounts where there are edits to move.

User pages etc. are movable and probably easier by yourself or others as you're more familiar with how that should be handled without having to continuous refer back and forth over it.