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please enable Extension:Loops on
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Subject says it all.

Also: did Laabs get my deposit?

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Dendrite created this task.Jul 25 2017, 18:34
CnocBride claimed this task.Jul 26 2017, 14:51
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You will have to ask Labster himself did he get your deposit.

CnocBride mentioned this in Unknown Object (Diffusion Commit).Jul 26 2017, 14:54
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@labster Please confirm the status of the donation.

labster added a comment.Jul 26 2017, 19:28

All of the donations are listed on I'm not seeing it; maybe you know a name that I don't.

I reconciled the accounts today, so this should be everything. I admit I left one donation off that page earlier because I was in a rush to get the anniversary statement out.

@labster - all good. Charles Bennett is Dendrite

Thanks @CnocBride for hooking me up with Loops.