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Unattached CA accounts
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So, since this is a rather long term issue potentially still affecting a number of users, I believe that it is worth taking some time to identify and attach all accounts that are not attached to loginwiki. I will attempt to generate a list using my own method (API).

Currently from a post on Stewards' noticeboard, I also know that the account Kartik Agaram needs attaching.

Also, I do not recommend marking this as resolved unless all current global accounts can with certainty be said to be attached to loginwiki.

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This becomes just another "login issue" task that eventually is never solvable. I've not noticed much reporting of this and I have literally sweeped over loginwiki 4 times with the attach script.

Why accounts aren't attached falls into the login issue task. Undefinable tasks are less helpful than helpful and if any lists (like the one above) come to light, push people to do stuff.