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Import for wikisahabawiki
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I want import an xml file on My wiki. And i uploaded it here.

MacFan4000 renamed this task from Impor for wikisahabawiki to Import for wikisahabawiki.Oct 2 2017, 11:13

I cannot find any file that you have uploaded here.

I did upload it. And upload form showed me "ok". What can i do now?

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This doesn't seem like something importable. Did you get this by using Special:Export? Please try using Special:Import firstly.

I tried using special:import page. But showing something wrong. So, i applied here.

@Ahmsaqib If the file was not retrieved when using Special:Import, it will not import. Where did you get this file from?

@Ahmsaqib Would you mind doing it again and re-sending the file? Or tell me the page(s) from there that you need and I can try.

@Reception123 i did try more than 5 times. but failed it everytime .... if u can do... please... and on add category please add it : বিষয়শ্রেণী:খলিফা after adding... please, mark on including template. (i'm telling u manual way, because, i've need templates also.) then please, import on my wiki.

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I just exported and imported normally and it worked.