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Develop SUBJECT TEMPLATE re WUaS Miraheze Mediawiki
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I'd like to begin to plan for and develop a new WUaS SUBJECT TEMPLATE based on - (and a NATION STATE TEMPLATE as University template, and a LANGUAGES' TEMPLATE for wiki schools, eventually in all 7,097 living languages) - for wiki World University and School's new WUaS Miraheze Mediawiki . This would anticipate an interface with Wikidata (to which WUaS donated itself for co-development in October 2015) in all 298 current Wikimedia/Wikipedia languages as well. And while there's been some recent discussion on the Wikidata list about templates here - "[wikicite-discuss] Deletion nomination of Template:Cite Q on English Wikipedia" - I wonder how best to proceed in these regards. What would you suggest in this regard, please, Void (and possibly Reception123), as well? ( Thank you, Scott

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Hi Void and All,

Thanks so much for your email. How could we best talk through this further potentially beyond - ? I'll bring us in touch with some core Wikidata developers, such as Markus Kroetzsch, if that would help too. ...


WUaS template out of Miraheze Mediawiki

COURSE TEMPLATE - around CC-4 MIT OpenCourseWare in 7 language (beyond the SUBJECT TEMPLATE)


  • planning for 7,099 living languages (in Ethnologue) / 8,444 language entries (in Glottolog)


Museums' TEMPLATE (see SUBJECT TEMPLATE) - planned in all 7,099 living languages+

Library Resources' TEMPLATE (see SUBJECT TEMPLATE) - planned in all 8,444 languages+

How to plan, for example, for UNIVERSITIAN volunteer edit additions through these WUaS templates - e.g. such as adding phrases to a UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR in their first language?

Much of this anticipates CC-4 (non-commercial licensing of CC MIT OCW and CC Yale OYC)

Take one subsection at a time - ttp:// - and decide how to develop this?

(Does integrating the WUAS SUBJECT TEMPLATE with Miraheze Mediawiki and Wikimedia Foundation WMF Templates, make sense - especially re wikidata ? Possibly ...

(Planning for WUaS Bookstore / Computer Store in all 7,099 languages, and via WikiSource CC-0 licensing
No bookstore at this point )

but plan for CC-0 commercial Wikisource (per Lydia Pintscher), and also separately for Wikicite - with WMF Dario Taraborelli

Planning for a Wikidata contacts for Void

  • working with other Wikidatan core developers - in all 295 languages, especially


Hi Void, and All,

Thanks so much again for your email, Void, and re developing the World Univ & Sch SUBJECT TEMPLATE - - and potentially with all ~720 WUaS Wikia wiki pages as a blueprint as well in English, and also the other 295-358 languages at Wikimedia, anticipating all 7,099 living languages (thanks to the panel Katherine and Magnus were on this August at Wikimania).

A key first question may also be something like how we might use a Bot to separate free open wiki edits to CC-4 MIT OCW-centric (in 7 languages) World University and School, from possible CC-O wiki edits relating to Wikisource to an emerging WUaS Co site. For example, on this wiki subject page - - Gerard, under SELECT BOOKS, just added a book of his (... ISBN-13: 978-1977698902 'Information architecture: A Survival Guide' ...), plus his store (, the latter of which should probably be on a different WUaS platform.

How might I / we answer any further questions you might have, Void, about developing this into a TEMPLATE (including NATION STATES' TEMPLATE, each to become a major university in main / official languages and a LANGUAGE TEMPLATE, each to become a wiki school in all 7,099 living languages) - for all 720 WUaS Wikia wiki pages and related?

I blog much about World University and School here - - under the "global university" label, and see, too, the 'Wiki' and "Wikipedia" labels in these regards.

Thank you, Void and All.

Big cheers,

Thanks for this update, John Lewis!

I attempted to add a new "Regions" wiki subject page to World University and School's new wiki in WUaS Miraheze Mediawiki, but couldn't because the central "SUBJECT TEMPLATE" - - isn't up and running in WUaS Miraheze Mediawiki, I did, however, add a "Regions" new page LINK to .

And because I couldn't create a "Regions" wiki subject page in WUaS Mediawiki, I created one the old way here - - copying and pasting the WUaS Wikia SUBJECT_TEMPLATE . I then added a reference to a Stanford talk about Flanders, to give you an idea of how wiki WUaS works.

The WUaS Miraheze Mediawiki SUBJECT_TEMPLATE will, however, connect with Wikidata/Wikibase. How best to do this, and anticipating all 299 of Wikipedia's languages? (Translation of the sections will be part of this, but I'm not sure which section headings will get a Q-item, for example). And how best, at this stage, to plan for 7.5 billion endusers / learners / Universitians, and in each of all 7,099 living languages - via the SUBJECT TEMPLATE with Wikidata/Wikibase?

Any chance I could please begin adding new wiki Subject pages, like the Regions' page, newly in WUAS Miraheze Mediawiki WITH Wikidata / Wikibase - as well as already registered / matriculated students at World University and School (for free CC-4 MIT OpenCourseWare-centric online degrees)?

Thank you, thank you, thank you! - Scott_WUaS ( is where this will all link from, in English )

How best to code the WUaS Miraheze Mediawiki SUBJECT_TEMPLATE with Wikidata/Wikibase, and anticipating all 298 of Wikipedia's languages, and eventually all 7,099 living languages? Translation of the section headings will be part of this, but I'm not sure which section headings will get a Q-item, for example. Which section headings and what else might get Q-items? And how best also, at this stage, to plan for 7.5 billion endusers / learners / Universitians, and in each of all 7,099 living languages - via the SUBJECT TEMPLATE with Wikidata/Wikibase, so we can start registering students and creating transcripts linked to the MIT OCW courses, for example?

And in particular, which of these many academic and creative wiki subjects for open teaching and learning - - (was: will get a Q-item and how will this develop inter-lingually?

Thank you.

WUaS has just contacted 3 British Quaker Members of Parliament about World University and School (e.g. see:, and it would be great to be able to show them a viable World Univ and Sch wiki platform soon-ish. (WUaS is seeking online matriculating British students, for example).

World Univ and Sch is both seeking to develop the WUaS Miraheze Mediawiki together with Wikidata/Wikibase via our SUBJECT_TEMPLATE ... ... ... as well as to PLAN for WUaS registered/matriculated students / Universitians and wiki learners/teachers in all ~200 countries' official and main languages, in all 7,097 living languages ... and potentially all 7.5 billion people as learners. Planning and coding for each of all of Wikipedia/Wikdiata's ~298 LANGUAGES, and for registered students in them, may be one of the significant coding opportunities here and now.

So, for example, if students in two languages - say in English and German - wanted to apply to and matriculate to study for an online WUaS Bachelor's or Ph.D. degree, studying CC-4 MIT OpenCourseWare, in their respective languages, and engaging WUaS's wiki - - how could they best do so? ~Scott

Hi Reception123 & All,

I just updated the WUaS Law School links (below) - - in WUaS's new Miraheze Mediawiki, and got this error message:

Editing World University Law School
Sorry! We could not process your edit due to a loss of session data.

You might have been logged out. Please verify that you're still logged in and try again. If it still does not work, try logging out and logging back in, and check that your browser allows cookies from this site.

It doesn't look like my edits (below) were saved - . What please should I do?

(Attended a fascinating talk today at Stanford Law School on "Privacy Law in Brazil Matters" - - with a photo here:

Still hoping to get the WUaS SUBJECT TEMPLATE - - interoperable in multiple languages between WUaS Miraheze Mediawiki and Wikidata/Wikibase soon-ish. Thank you.

Best, Scott

Law Schools at World University and School (planned in main languages in them)

Afghanistan Law School at WUaS:

Brazil Law School at WUaS:

China Law School at WUaS:

Egypt Law School at WUaS:

India Law School at WUaS:

Jamaica Law School at WUaS:

Mexico Law School at WUaS:

World University Law School:

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If you still have the window open, you should actually still be able to save the edit. The issue you just reported is common when you have an edit window open for an extended period of time, and is nothing really to worry about. Just make sure to keep a copy of your changes elsewhere to make sure they won't disappear completely.

Thanks, Void. Was able to save these new Law School URLs in the new - ... In what ways could we start developing these Law Schools in these and other countries' official / main languages, and by beginning to develop in Wikidata/Wikibase? Cheers, Scott

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Doesn't seem like a phab issue.