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Custom domain for adadevelopersacademy
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I would like to have our custom domain,, setup with our Miraheze wiki (adadevelopersacademy), using LetsEncrypt for SSL certificate issuance.

Since we're transferring this wiki from another host which is still running, I'd like to avoid downtime as much as possible. According to the instructions on Meta, we should change the DNS authoritative servers for that domain to Miraheze's name servers.

Could someone at Miraheze create the correct DNS records on your name servers and then let me know so that I can update the authoritative servers with our registrar after that has happened?

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Hamled created this task.Nov 27 2017, 17:41
Reception123 triaged this task as Normal priority.
Reception123 added projects: SSL, DNS.
Reception123 added a subscriber: Reception123.

@Hamled The DNS records have been created.

Please note that after you point the NS, I will also have to generate the certificate and set it it up before you can use your custom domain.

Hamled added a comment.Nov 27 2017, 23:00

@Reception123 Great, thanks! The name servers for our domain have been updated.

Reception123 closed this task as Resolved.Nov 28 2017, 06:07
Reception123 reopened this task as Open.Nov 28 2017, 06:39

Issues with redirecting.

Reception123 added a subscriber: John.EditedNov 28 2017, 06:43

@John This is redirecting to Meta for some reason. I definitely made the mw-config changes after. I tried reloading NGINX, checked config but I can't figure out what is going wrong. (revi confirms that it also redirects to Meta for him)

It seems to be working when you login, or perform an action like that, but when I try to go directly to it doesn't work.

John added a comment.Nov 28 2017, 10:38

Without logs all I can suggest is:
a) cache
b) not deployed correctly?

It’s woring for me.

Reception123 closed this task as Resolved.Nov 28 2017, 15:51

Confirm it works now. Likely a cache issue, though at the time clearing my cache did not fix this error.

John added a comment.Nov 28 2017, 17:01

Clearing yours wouldn’t, you’d have to clear cp*