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Change rights on marioserieswiki
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I want to be able to set individual rights to groups...

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Brynda1231 created this task.Nov 27 2017, 23:21
Reception123 triaged this task as Normal priority.Nov 28 2017, 19:11
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@Brynda1231 Please be more specific. Which rights do you need, and for which wiki?

Custom groups.


John added a subscriber: John.Dec 1 2017, 13:52

Unfortunately groups must be defined using $wgGroupPermissions as part of LocalSettings.php for Miraheze.

Could you please describe what sort of set up you are looking for someone can apply this for you or you could make a pull request yourself for the changes.

Which line??

Sysop: edituserprofile = true,

Sorry for the extremely late response, but do you still need this?

John closed this task as Declined.May 9 2018, 17:19
John claimed this task.

edituserprofile is SP I believe and it is not enabled on your wiki.

If this is wrong, please reopen with more specific instructions.