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Delete Shortwiki account on phabricator
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In T2551#48453, @Unad321 wrote:

@revi It korean means 오, 감사합니다. 흑시 Shortwiki 유저를 이 트래거 사이트에서 탈퇴가 가능합니까? 잘못가입해서 생긴일 입니다. Shortwiki 유저는 바로 접니다.
이 위에 한국어를 번역해 주시면 됩니다.

User is asking for deletion of @Shortwiki. Phabricator generally warns you against deletion of the account for established users because it will mess up the logs, but seems it hasn't done anything.

Deleting users require shell access, unlike deactivating it.

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I would personally not want to delete, unless there is a valid reason. Would a disable really not be enough?

This comment was removed by Shortwiki.

@Unad321 Do you have a valid reason for why you really need it deleted and not just disabled?

Shortwiki added a comment.EditedDec 31 2017, 15:26

Please translate

이 계정과 Phabricator안에 있는 Shortwiki 이 두개를 번갈아 가면서 사용하기가 어려우면서 있는 이유가 존재 하지 않기 때문입니다.

revi closed this task as Resolved.Jan 1 2018, 04:27
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ShortWiki account has been disabled.

We avoid complete destruction of the account, and deactivation is enough for this case.