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Math formula does not render properly...
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I already informed the PNG converting error of math formula on Steward's noticeboard, but I think this is a serious problem so I reported on the ITS again.
As I visited above link, I found many rendering errors. Moreover, converting errors may appear over the whole meta site, not only on my favorite wiki, Libre Wiki(ko:리브레 위키). I found these rendering errors alos occur on meta site.

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I'm able to reproduce this. The cause of this issue is that texvc is creating .tex files, but not the .png file (which MediaWiki is expecting).

At this moment I'm investigating why it doesn't work.

For some reason wfShellExec() seems broken.

I'll depool a server for testing soon.

It seems the formulas are now rendering?

@Southparkfan any update?
User says it's still broken

Patch which seems to fix it:

diff --git a/MathTexvc.php b/MathTexvc.php
index 113d062..3ed9544 100644
--- a/MathTexvc.php
+++ b/MathTexvc.php
@@ -205,7 +205,7 @@ class MathTexvc extends MathRenderer {
                LoggerFactory::getInstance( 'Math' )->debug( "TeX: $cmd" );
                LoggerFactory::getInstance( 'Math' )->debug( "Executing '$cmd'." );
                $retval = null;
-               $contents = wfShellExec( $cmd, $retval );
+               $contents = wfShellExec( $cmd, $retval, array( 'PATH' => '/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/games:/usr/games' ) );
                LoggerFactory::getInstance( 'Math' )->debug( "TeX output:\n $contents\n---" );

                if ( strlen( $contents ) == 0 ) {

I'm using external script(Ajax-based) to render math formula now. When I select the math formula rendering option, the math formula between math tags fails to render again, like this:

I checked it rendered well. However, can I ask why new math formulas are sometimes broken with irregular patterns? I find existed formulas are hardly broken again after their renderings were fixed.

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This is upstream now and the issue is resolved long term and satisfactorily on our side.

Let's not act as a local upstream bug tracker.