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Explore offering .com and/or .wiki domains as a custom domain for people who wants to use restricted characters
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So for a case like T2621 and some other wiki req on Meta, we somewhat often get a request for domain in or While this is not possible with .org, we can do the stuff via miraheze (.com or .wiki) and it... works anyway.

This means we will have to renew it every 2 months (/me facepalm) but it's better than declining them.

I think this is sort of policy stuff since implementing them would be just... do it (tm).

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I like this idea, but I've always wondered, why is it not possible to do this with the usual wikis? It would be easier than having to use .wiki and .com

I also think that since we own these two domains, we should (at least in the future) think about also offering users the options to choose those domains instead of the .org one

John added a subscriber: John.Jan 16 2018, 22:02

This is moot. You can do this by assuming it’s a custom domain.

revi added a comment.Jan 17 2018, 11:32

Yes, we can do it technically, but I'm talking about if we should explicitly advertise it or not.

John added a comment.Jan 17 2018, 11:51

There’s nothing to advertise. If someone wants or, it can be done. The latter is more annoying but nothing stops it happening.

@John Kind of late, but does this mean that if I create (for example as abwiki) and add it to wgServer, etc. it will work as

Hispano76 added a comment.EditedApr 2 2018, 21:59

A doubt in the case of being done. If I were to request a wiki with the domain, wouldn't it conflict with Github: unionwiki and unionwiki?

John closed this task as Declined.Apr 2 2018, 22:28
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@Wiki1776 Yes.

Closing task as declined for now as the original purpose is invalid. Plus policying something no one intends to implement is bleh. This can be looked at in future if things change.