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Email to csr at concerning
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I get a mail delivery error: "Error Processing Mail (PhabricatorApplicationTransactionValidationException)"

The body of the message has:

Your email to Phabricator was not processed, because an error occurred while
trying to handle it:

PhabricatorApplicationTransactionValidationException: Validation errors:
  - The selected view policy excludes you. Choose a view policy which allows
you to view the object.
  - The selected edit policy excludes you. Choose a edit policy which allows
you to edit the object.

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StevenBird created this task.Jan 17 2018, 07:36
revi closed this task as Declined.Jan 17 2018, 11:34
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While this is inconvenient for you, this is somewhat intended behavior of Phabricator. Please list your domain using this form. (not security bug, yes, but using that form will do the same thing.)

John added a subscriber: John.Jan 17 2018, 11:49

Don’t use security for this. Use the feature request form.