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Varnish wiping Transfer-Encoding leading into slowness
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Special:CentralAutoLogin/(start|checkLoggedIn) and such (I thought this happens when saving pages too) send 302 responses with a Location header and a Transfer-Encoding, but without a Content-Length header. This is correct behaviour, but due to this bug, Transfer-Encoding is being wiped by Varnish, with as result nginx and curl are waiting 5 seconds for a response before they move on.

The result is that responses from nginx are being very slow. Solution seems to use the external APT repo.

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This was actually never really a problem for nginx, until I set proxy_http_version 1.1; and proxy_set_header Connection ""; for all proxy instances.

As a temp fix until Varnish has been upgraded, I'll revert that.

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No indication that this has been fixed

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Stretch has Varnish 5 which seems to be a version where a fix for this has been applied.

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We have upgraded cp2, cp4 and cp5 to stretch which has varnish 5 now.

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Wording implies V5 is a fix without further action.