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error when using Visual Editor
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When clicking on the "Edit" tab (to open VE for the page) I get the following error about 2/3 through the loading:

"Error loading data from server: Could not connect to the server. Would you like to retry?"

Clicking "OK" results in the same message. Clicking "Cancel" seems to go to "Edit Source", but sometimes shows "Read" selected.

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Lionel created this task.Feb 8 2018, 01:51
revi added a comment.Feb 8 2018, 06:46

Please provide us a URL. On which wiki? Which page? We can't know without URL.

Lionel closed this task as Resolved.Feb 8 2018, 21:54
Lionel claimed this task.

It seems that this issue (and general slowness) that had been affecting my pages for the past couple days is FIXED now! :)

Sorry for not including a link - I had assumed it was site wide, since it seemed to be affecting ALL my pages (