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Permission error in the root of
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Permission error on the "root" addresses: >
No idea how to change the settings. It should redirect to the main page.


Unknown Object (Diffusion Commit)

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That is because:

  1. Your wiki is in Czech.
  2. Your wiki is a private wiki.
  3. Main page exception for the Czech language is not set in our configuration.

I'm not sure why Czech is missing from the list.

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Czech has been added to the exception list.

Krivan reopened this task as Open.Oct 3 2018, 09:24

I am sorry for reopening this issue... but the problem is still active.

The main page is not accessible for non-registered users (and this page appears also in case I am permanently logged in):

"Chyba povolení" = permission error.

The main page is not accessible for non-registered users

This is the way a private wiki is supposed to function. Only those with the “member” permission (which requires the user to be registered) can view the wiki.

@AmandaCath by default, private wikis have the main page whitelisted

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