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Hello friends from Miraheze!
We'd like to request some new custom namespaces, that we had on the old Nonsensopedia: Cytaty, NonNews, NonŹródła, Słownik, Gra, Portal, Poradnik, Forum.
Additionally, we'd like to move articles with the prefixes with name of the namespace, under the namespace, i.e.:
"Artykuł:Cytaty:Aaaa" movet to "Cytaty:Aaaa"
"Artykuł:Gra:Aaaa" movet to "Gra:Aaaa"...

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Hi, acknowledging this ticket. Unfortunately, I cannot help you as I do not speak the language of your wiki. That being said, someone should be along to help you soon. Apologies for the delay.

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@AmandaCath It is not required to know the language for this. And also, there is no need to comment if you can not do this task, as if every volunteer who can't/aren't going to do this task said so, there would be many comments.

@Reception123 acknowledged. I just noticed that this task had been open for several weeks with no response, so I wanted to make sure that the user didn’t think we were forgetting about/ignoring them.

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