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Incubatorwiki: File upload limitation, transwiki import sources, Project: namespace—plus a heads-up
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We will be doing some configuration work over the coming few weeks as we start up our project. We'd like to get the following underway:

  • Limit file upload (including reupload) to bureaucrats only. (This is parallel to the rule on Wikimedia Incubator: All files must be suitable for Commons.) The only files we upload locally on WM Incubator are xml archives of deleted tests (and in theory a project logo), and our intention would be that we would only upload similar files here.
  • We would like the following two wikis added to permissible transwiki import target sites: Wikimedia Incubator and Incubator Plus on Wikia.
  • Project namespace: We gave the project the working name Incubator Plus 2.0. But it turns out that when we did that, the Project namespace (and Project talk namespace) changed with it. We'd like those reverted back to simply "Incubator:" and "Incubator talk:".
  • We'd like the prefixes I: and IT: available as aliases to those two namespaces.

As a heads up, we will probably be asking soon to have the MediaWiki extension WikimediaIncubator activated on our project. We're not asking that yet, because I need to speak with the original developer about certain issues first. Still, you might want to look into whether its use would be problematic at Miraheze on grounds I don't currently suspect.


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Reception123 mentioned this in Unknown Object (Diffusion Commit).Aug 1 2018, 15:43

@StevenJ81 File uploads limited and namespaces are done.

For your second request, "permissible transwiki imports" I don't really understand what needs to be done. Would you like an Interwiki for these two sites, or is it another setting?

MacFan4000 added a subscriber: MacFan4000.

@Reception123 I’ll handle the import thing. NS is not done entirely as wgMetaNamespace hasn’t been changed

The given wikia link brings me to

Sorry, @MacFan4000 . That's because I ended with .org instead of .com. Should be (If you think another (local) Interwiki needs to be created to facilitate that, it's fine. But the current interwiki [[wikia:c:incubatorplus]] does work.)

(Note, also: upload/reupload were removed the Users group, but not the Sysop group. We really only intend for 'crats to do this.)
(Also ... if I go to [[Special:AllPages]], it's giving me both "Incubator:" [+talk] and "Incubator Plus 2.0:" [+talk] as choices of where to look for pages. Incubator Plus 2.0 is not going to be used, so can that be taken out of the drop-down?)

Because transwiki uses interwiki prefixes, I will have to add a interwiki prefix for the wikia

OK. NP. Use "oldincplus", if you don't mind.

OK. That worked (as a straight prefix link).

Though I used a slightly different prefix, as I didn’t see your comments until just now

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