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Switch Template not working to change image and Image not updated for upload
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On the Wikia, it does have changing switch template. like switching image, it does not working to change image from wikia. If you see Ako Saotome article page, see the template why does not work switch template.

In Episode 18 (Aikatsu Friends) Article, the image not updated for no reason. if you open tab or click the image, it was updated.
On the wikia, always updated image. but there is no reason why doesn't updating the image.

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High priority is only used for issues that affect the entire Miraheze organization. Unless I’m mistaken, your issue appears to be affecting your wiki only, and isn’t causing your wiki to not be usable.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if I understand what your problem exactly is. It sounds like a MediaWiki bug to me, but your wording is vague and confusing. Can you please clarify?

@PopuriAO29 I can't see your examples because I'm not a member of your wiki. I've tested a wiki and I see that it doesn't look the same as Wikia. We have a similar extension (TabsCombination (Tabber + Tabs)) that you can enable in Special:ManageWikiExtensions in your wiki.

The Example is on aikatsu wikia, see the Template:Switch/doc for this link:

EDIT: As an article page for Ichigo Hoshimiya, the template infobox is already loaded, but there's a issue for switch template.

Please see the switch template and what's the difference from wikia.

@PopuriAO29 I'm sorry, but I haven't been able to find a solution. Some time ago Wikia made a number of changes that have made it not compatible with our version of Mediawiki and the versions are not the same. That's why it doesn't work, you would have to change and customize the code or look for other options like enabling the Tabs extension.

nope, until mediawiki will fix that solution. that's all