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Project Board Request - CnocBride
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Hi there!

I am requesting a project (I believe it is called) be created essentially with my name, 'CnocBride', so that I can manage some tasks that I am watching more easily. I don't actually know if I can edit the workboards within the project or not as I am not exactly acquainted with Phabricator projects. Regardless, any information/assistance for this request would be greatly appreciated!

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CnocBride triaged this task as Normal priority.Aug 22 2018, 00:28
CnocBride created this task.

This can be done by any Phabricator administrator. And yes, you can freely edit the work board of your project (frankly, I think you can freely edit the work board of any project that you are a member of, but don’t quote me on that, and I’d strongly advise against doing that even if you can).

Thank you Reception and Amanda!