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Search bar function not working
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For a while now, the search bar function on Constructed Worlds Wiki (Altverse) has not worked. When users type in any term into the search bar, all the search bar returns is "No match was found", even if that page does exist and one types its name verbatim. Meanwhile, the search results page still works as intended.

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The same problem occurs in other wikis that have enabled the Wikibase extension (Repository.

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That’s an interesting bug. I’ve never seen it happen on my wiki, but then again, I’m not using WikiBase. This may be an upstream issue with the extension itself.

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Definitely an issue. Have encountered it on Altverse myself and also during the short time of WikiBase existing on one of my personal wikis.

I deselected Wikibase from the wiki extensions since I do not see any real need for it and the issue has thus been solved.