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Gadgets Import for "ahmsaqibwiki"
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There is no gadget on my wiki. I want to import all gadgets from- I can't do it. Please, do the job.

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@Ahmsaqib You can do this yourself. You can simply go to Special:Export on Wikipedia, type in all of the gadgets that you want, and then go to Special:Import on your wiki and upload the file.

@AmandaCath When I trying to do it, show me there is no page.

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@Ahmsaqib If you cannot figure out what you need to do, this task is not resolved.

First, you need to go to Special:Export on Wikipedia. In the box that appears on that page, type the names of the gadgets that you want to export. You should type the name exactly as it appears when you view the gadget itself. This will generate an XML file which you should save either locally on your device or to a cloud service where you have an active account (iCloud, Google Drive, etc).

After you’ve done that, go to Special:Import on your wiki, and upload the XML file from Wikipedia from whatever source you saved it. This should automatically import everything that you exported from Wikipedia. Once you have done this, if any errors appear, please post them exactly as shown here.

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@AmandaCath So many thanks for contributory attitude. But i solved it myself....